Company stralka background

”…We should improve our symbols for God, in particular, in the form of bread and wine...
To the extent that they become symbolic signs that enact and embody what they signify…”
(Conference of Bishops' liturgy H "1978.)

We have developed our company’s mission based on the above quote. We are a Polish / American company in operation since 1989.

We are known around the world and most notably in the following countries: Poland, the United States, Canada, Italy, Ireland, England, Singapore, Lithuania and Latvia. We are constantly consulting with the religious authority at home and abroad concerning their views in regard to liturgical bread. Our continual and unyielding improvements to the Altar Bread baking process and commiment to quality control has made our Altar Breads and Hosts the highest standard in quality around the world. Particular attention is given to carefully sealing edges of all our breads in order to prevent crumbs.

Our production of Altar Breads, Hosts, and Christmas Wafers consists of pure flour and water and is in strict accordance to Canon Law as overseen by the religious hierarchy. We are particularly proud, honored, and grateful to be chosen to provide Altar Breads for Pope John Paul II’s pilgrimage to Poland during the summer of 2002. We are committed to provide Altar Breads, Hosts, and Christmas Wafers of the highest quality with personal service, reliability as well dedication to every customer.

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